Code Enforcement


The primary mission of the Code Enforcement Division is to ensure the safety and welfare of the City and its citizens by enforcing the City codes and ordinances in residential and commercial districts. This objective includes addressing violations and issues such as:

  • Dumping
  • Tall grass
  • Property maintenance
  • Junk vehicles
  • Refuse container enclosures
  • Truck tractors in residential areas
  • Illegal signs
  • Zoning issues

The enforcement of business licenses (occupational taxes) and construction permits is also a part of our duties.

Monthly Code Enforcement Sweeps Underway in Riverdale

Code Enforcement officers, and Police officers will be verifying that dwellings, accessory structures, yards and vehicles are consistent with city code standards. Any and all properties found in violation of the ordinances will receive a citation. Take the opportunity now and get your property into compliance.

Scheduled Sweeps:

  • April 1st 2019- Business Detail- Checking to ensure that all businesses in the City Of Riverdale have their current Occupational Tax Permits.
  • April 18th 2019- Property Maintenance Detail- Checking to ensure all residential areas are in compliance with the City Of Riverdale's ordinance. The areas that will be checked during this detail are: Steeplechase/ Sage Creek/Camelot Woods.
  • May 23rd 2019- Property Maintenance Detail-Checking to ensure all residential areas are in compliance with the City of Riverdale's ordinance.  The areas that will be checked during this detail are:  Bridlewood/Palisades and Sandpiper Glenn/Highlands of Coventry.

When addressing violations, due process is provided to all code violators. Code Enforcement issues verbal warnings, written notices, and summons to appear in Environmental Court.

Court fines range from $150 up to $1,000 per violation, as determined by the judge. However, no fine can exceed $1,000 per offence.

Code Enforcement holds a high level of respect and fairness to our citizens, business owners, and visitors, as we enforce the codes and ordinances of the City of Riverdale.

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*Please Note: All phone calls and web submissions will remain anonymous.