Permit & Fees

Permit/ Inspection Fee Schedule

Follow the link below to download a schedule of fees for required permits and licenses:

Fines, Fees, & Bond Forfeitures

Court costs as previously adopted. As levied by the Judge of the City of Riverdale Municipal Court, with a minimum of $25, but not to exceed $1,000.

Licensing, Permitting & Payment of Fees

Permits for the operation, handling, use or storage of materials listed herein, or for examination and/or review of plans or specifications, shall be obtained through:
Fire Marshal’s Office
971 Wilson Rd.
Riverdale, GA 30274

Fees must be paid and necessary licenses obtained prior to commencement of any hazardous operation, erection of structures or buildings, or use or storage of hazardous materials to which this resolution pertains


Failure to obtain the necessary licenses or permits and to pay the applicable fees will be subject to the penalties outlined in the City of Riverdale Code of Ordinances.

Penalties may also be assessed based on provisions in the State Laws. For example, in the case of highly flammable, explosive, and/or volatile substances and materials.